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Animals in costa rica – part 1 / Brown Pelican

tierwelt in costa rica / pelikan

Pelecanus occidentalis / Brown Pelican:

They live at the coast of north-, central- and south america. It’s the largest waterbird in costa rica, but the worlds smallest pelican species.
Brown pelicans glide close to the ocean’s surface and when a fish is spotted they rise 30 feet into the air before dive-bombing into the sea. This is the only known pelican species to dive for their food.

animals in costa rica / pelican
They are very special birds and they build their nests in trees or bushes. The nesting season occurs during march and april, while both parents share the parenting duties.

Pelicans are perfect thermic sailors and perservering flyer. They can fly 24hrs. without even a break and reach distances up to 300 miles.
Pelicans can get 31 years old.

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