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With it’s beaches of the Carribean and the Pacific, Costa Rica holds a privileged place in the heart of Central America (three hour drive or 45 minute flight from coast-to-coast).

While the Carribean distinguishes itself through diversity in an aquatic ecological system, ideal for diving and snorkling in clear water, the pacific coast is favoured for surfing.
You will find numerous Nature Retreats that make the Fauna & Flora of Costa Rica so unique.

The climate is tropical to subtropical and if one doesn’t mind the high humidity during the rainy season, the country can be explored throughout the whole year.
There are only two seasons: the rainy season from May to November and the dry season from December to April. Depending on the region, one might experience heavy rainfall in the afternoon or evenings. The rest of the day it usually stays sunny and dry. On the Carribean side it is quite different. Generally, precipitation on the atlantic side is considerably higher.

The official language is Spanish with some differences to European Spanish. But no worries, if one studied Spanish, one will certainly be able to communicate. If one has very little Spanish knowledge, one can usually get quite far with English.

The currency of Costa Rica is the Colón, named after Christopher Columbus, who also gave the country it’s name.

Visitors to the Early Bird Surfhouse or Surf camp in Costa Rica can also bring US-Dollars to pay for tourist services nearby . Outside of tourist areas and in local coffee shops and restaurants the Colón is the preferred currency.


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