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Animals in Costa Rica – Part 2 / Coati


Nasua Narica / Coati:

 The white-nosed coatimundi, or coati, is one of Costa Rica’s 200 mammal species, and is commonly mistaken for a raccoon or large house cat, as it is similar in size and appearance. Coati fur is typically reddish-brown to dark brown in color. Their heads are long and slender with a pointed snout well-adapted to rooting in the ground for insects.

Color variations are common, but many coatis have white or cream-colored rings around their eyes, snout and tails. Coatis can weigh upwards of nine pounds and their powerful, stout legs and sharp claws make them exceptional tree climbers.
Coatimundis are diurnal, meaning they are usually most active during the day and seek the refuge of trees at night.

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Like their raccoon relatives, coatis have an excellent sense of smell and are true omnivores. In Costa Rica, they eat a variety of fruits, leaves, nuts, eggs, invertebrates, lizards, crabs, fish and small mammals. They are also opportunistic feeders and will eat carrion if it is available.The coati communicates through a series of grunting, chirping and snorting sounds. In the wild, coatis have a lifespan of seven to twelve years.

nasenbaer costa rica