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Montezuma Waterfalls & Canopy Tour:
You have the oportunity to see the rainforest from the bird’s eye view.
This is one of the zone’s premier attractions, this zipline tour follows the Montezuma river and gives you an opportunity to visit the famous waterfalls. There you can take pictures and/or go for a swim in the pools carved by the cascading waters.
This tour is US$55 per person and does not include transportation to Montezuma ($35 each way, up to five people).

Isla Tortuga:
Take a day trip to the beautiful tropical island, Isla Tortuga! A breathtaking 50-minute boat ride from Montezuma, with an optional stop to snorkel along the way at the best snorkeling site on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast, will transport you to the white sand beaches of Tortuga. After arriving you will be prepared a tasty BBQ lunch, while you explore the island. The afternoon can be spent however you like: playing volleyball, kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, or just lying under the coco trees.
Price: $55 including snorkeling. Price does not include transportation to Montezuma ($35 each way, up to five people).

If you are looking for adventure and go anywhere you choose, renting a quad is the right way to go. Rentals are available full-day, half-day, multi-day, and weekly and allow you the freedom to explore the area and discover your own piece of paradise on a secluded beach or a mountain road high above town.
Prices for 12hrs. are US$50, 24hrs. are US$70 for the quad-rental.

Other activities:
Yoga & Pilates, Scuba diving, visiting the Cabo Blanco Wildlife Refuge, horseback riding